The Role of Technology in Education

January 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Before the integration of technology in education, educators were not confident enough to incorporate the use of gadgets and other technical devices with learning. Instead of helping students to learn efficiently it is said that using devices while studying make learners lose their focus on schooling. 

But when technology is slowly changing to fit on people’s need, it is now being accepted as one of the keys to improve education. In present time, education technology doesn’t only aid students who have different learning pace but it also assists teachers to further enhance their teaching skills to make the learning process more effective. 

According to Heather Elliot, as quoted from smarttech, “Effective technology integration must have at the interdisciplinary level in a way that deepens and enhances student’s learning process. The benefits of implementing technology integration into the classroom is active engagement taking place, collaboration among peers, and connections to the real-world.” This means that instead of thinking that technology is a distraction, we must be more open to the fact that it helps students to embrace what studying has to offer. – Mayvilyn Cabigao 

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